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Get the latest news about the rummy game, stay updated with the latest events, news and updates about rummy.


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Rummy News

The latest news about the game of rummy from all around the world.


The World Championship of Rummikub (WRC) Spain 2009 (October 2008)

The world championship of Rummikub (WRC) is being held every 3 years in a different location. In 2006 it took place in Holland (Netherlands) with 31 participating countries. It was announced that the next WRC will be held in Spain at 2009.

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Rummy Multi Table Tournament (January 2008)

The first Multi Table Tournament was launched by Rummy Royal on January 2008. The multi table is intended for a large number of players. Rummy Royal launched the first tournament on Tuesday January 8th 2008 in beta version and only existing players were given the opportunity to test it.

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Rummy Royal Releases The First Rummy Multi Table Game (December 2007)

On November 2007 RM Royal Media Cyprus, announced the releasing of the online internet rummy game with a platform which enables up to 4 players a table. Rummy Royal's website is

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World Series of Gin Rummy (WSGR) 2008 (May 2007)

The Gin Rummy Association announced that the World Series of Gin Rummy will take place at the 20-23rd of May 2008 in the Casino Orleans hotel in Las Vegas Nevada.

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No Smoking Allowed Tournaments

The Gin Rummy Association has decided to hold no smoking allowed tournaments. For the smokers among you there is a smoking lounge outside the place of event, so announced the association.

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