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Rummy Game


This is where you can learn about the Rummy Game including the History of the Rummy Game, the different versions and read some articles.



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Rummy Game - Everything you always wanted to know about the Rummy game

Rummy comes in several variations. You can learn more about the Rummy games from our endless resource including the History of the rummy game , The different versions of Rummy and various Rummy articles all here to give you that added information you are looking for before you start to play Rummy.


The History of the Rummy Game

Learn the history of the Rummy game, it's origin, how it evolved to the rummy game which we know today and the general rules.


Rummy Game Articles

Various Rummy game articles, read some interesting facts about the Rummy game - Rummy articles are constantly added so stay tuned to learn more.


Game versions

Rummy is a group of games which differ from each other in their rules and origin. Learn about the different versions of the rummy game.


Play Michigan Rummy

Brief information about the Michigan Rummy game. Where and how to play Michigan Rummy.


Michigan Gin Rummy

Learn how to play Michigan Gin Rummy, the basic Michigan Gin Rummy rules and tips.


Learn to play Michigan Rummy

The Michigan Rummy game is similar to most rummy games. Learn how to play Michigan rummy.


Win Michigan Rummy

There are various methods to win the Michigan rummy game. Here you can find several of these methods.











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