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Rummy 500


Here you will find information about the Rummy 500 game which is also called Rum 500.


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Rummy 500 – 500 Rum


Rummy 500 or 500 Rum is a popular version of the rummy game, as the object of this game is to be the first to reach a score of 500 points. The game is played with 2 decks of card, each one with 52 cards plus 2 jokers.

The game itself resembles all other versions of the rummy game as in this game there's a need to draw a card, arranging sets and runs and discarding a card in each round.

Another object of this game is to reveal the entire hand at once while it is arranged in series of sets and runs.

We would like to remind you that a set is a series of 3-4 cards with the same value and different shapes and a run is a series of 3 cards and up and contains series of the same shape and running up cards (e.g.. 4,5,6).

A unique move in the Rummy 500 or 500 Rum game is the ability of the player to draw more than one card from the discard pile and win the round as he declares rummy – as soon as they identify cards that form a valid meld in the discard.

The game ends in one of the 2 cases: either a player finishes all the cards in his hand, or the main deck ends. In either of the situations the game ends and all the players' cards are counted. The non matching cards which didn't fit the series are being counted.

If the sum of the non matching cards is higher than the organized in series cards sum, the points will be counted as negative points against the player. The game ends when one of the players is the first to reach 500 points.

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