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The Rummikub is the tiles version of rummy games. This is a skill game which is intended for 2-4 players. This version was created to replace the cards and supply another element for players who can't handle cards.

The Rummikub was created in the 40s by an Israeli person called Ephraim Harzeno, Immigrant from Romania. Ephraim wanted to replace the traditional card game with color tiles.

As time went by, Ephraim established "Kodkod", which is the exclusive distributer of the Rummikub game in the world. Rummikub fast became one of the 3 most popular games in the world along with Monopoly and scrabble.

The Rummikub game was translated to 25 different languages and is distributed worldwide.

The rules of the Rummikub game are similar to the regular rummy game. One difference is that any possible combination of sets is allowed, including breaking series of 4 or more and adding up other series with the same tiles. Of course this rule is only implemented in the online version of the game. The rules are the same rules as the traditional rummy game in the online version.

The Rummikub is similar to the Okey rummy which is popular in Turkey. The Rummikub won the game of the year award in Germany in 1980 and in the Netherlands in 1983.

The Rummikub combines several of the most popular versions of the skill games such as the mahjong, Dominos, Gin Rummy and even Chess.

Rummikub is played with tiles which combine 4 different colors instead of 4 different shapes of cards. The tiles are made of special plastic which is unbreakable and non mark able. This brings a trustworthy aspect to the game with no forgery and unethical practice.

The tiles are very heavy, this is why they will stay stable and in good shape for years and hold in any whether condition if you are used to playing outside the house. The game became popular also due to the fact you can play it anywhere, and in any opportunity, whether it's a picnic, a family vacation or just a friendly gathering.

People who are used to play this game often, say that the game is very exciting and it's very difficult to stop playing once you already started, the feel of the tiles excites the players, mixing the tiles before each game and building the series of each player give the players the urge to keep playing more and more.

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