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Enjoy Rummy Games At PlayRummy-Online

PlayRummy-Online is a rummy games portal. The site offers a variety of basic rummy. It is easy to learn to play. Many sites online call this basic rummy, traditional rummy or even just Rum. The game is simple to learn but takes skill to master. This makes it a favorite among card players in the virtual realm.

Like most online sites, Play-Rummy Online offers a lengthy tutorial on game play. To get started you should know it is a game where two to six players engage. The classic rummy game is on offer using a 52-card deck. Aces in this game are low. There is no optional house rule to allow for K-Q-A runs. Only the A-2-3 run is valid at PlayRummy-Online.

The deal varies on how many players sit the table. In two player games each starting hand is dealt 10 cards. For three and four player games you receive seven cards in the beginning deal. Five and six player tables receive just six cards to start. Players take turns dealing. Each deal rotates in a clockwise direction with the first dealer being chosen randomly. Cards get dealt one at a time. The stock pile is placed in the center of the table with one card face up to begin the discard pile.

As with any style of rummy game, the game goal is one note. You must be the first player to rid yourself of all the cards in your hand. You do this in one of three ways. Players may meld, layoff or discard.

Melding means to take multiple hands in a combination on the table. By far it rids the player hand of the most cards. Melds you can perform are runs, or sets. Some sites refer to runs as sequences such as A-2-3. The cards go in a value sequences of a matching suit. Sets get called groups and books. This is when you lay down three of four of the same rank cards, such as all sixes.

These are just a few of the basics of game play with classic rummy games. Register at PlayRummy-Online to learn and enjoy a variety of rummy style gaming experiences. The rules of each are clearly laid out for members to enjoy and explore fully. There is no cost to membership at PlayRummy-Online. Both free and paid wager rummy games are on offer.


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