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Free $25 Rummy Chip At Cool Cat Casino

Cool Cat Casino is a 2002 launch. The site offers flexible access for rummy enthusiasts. Play from your desktop, laptop or mobile devices such as smartphones and tables. You can play free casino games, wager for real cash money and even use Bitcoin. This popular casino satisfies customers with a variety of gambling tastes and styles. As far as rummy goes this site offers the Vegas Three Card Version.

Vegas Three Card Rummy at Cool Cat Casino is easy to learn. You play against the dealer in this virtual card game. There are no additional players, so you can enjoy your entertainment without distractions. The deal is for three cards to you and three cards to the dealer. The hands are always facing down when dealt. The goal in Vegas Three Card Rummy is to have a lower point hand than the dealer. This means you win.

The dealer has certain restrictions. The dealer hand must have 20 points or less to be a qualifying hand. If the player goes over 20 points you automatically receive the winning wager. However, the dealers hand count does not factor in to the payouts associated with Bonus Bets. The rule only applies to the ante wager.

If terms like ante and bonus bets are confusing to you, that’s okay. Vegas Three Card Rummy games at Cool Cat Casino have a help section to teach you the basics. The site also has a page dedicated to extensive game play scenarios to help newbies learn. This makes Cool Cat Casino a top pick for players. Learn Vegas Three Card Rummy in a virtual casino environment.

Counting your hand up in Vegas Three Card Rummy is straight forward. Ten-point value cards are the Ten, Jack, Queen and King. Only one point is on award for an Ace. It is the low card in Vegas Three Card Rummy. The numerical cards have the same value as what shows when you turn your deal over.

Register at Cool Cat Casino to receive your free play bonus. This $25 chip value is one you use on rummy games. This site has fun virtual card tables for you to enjoy around the clock. Player membership is a requirement to receive the no deposit bonus. There is no fee to join and no obligation to fund your player account.


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