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Play Kalooki Rummy At Jungle Rummy Online

Jungle Rummy offers a free version of this game, or paid rummy gaming experiences when you register for a free player membership on the site. This Jamaican rummy variation typically has three to eight players and uses two or more decks of cards. As you can imagine, this leads to many opportunities for runs and melds.

When playing Kalooki Rummy you may wonder about the game’s objective. Just like other rummy games in its class, Kalooki has the objective of a player laying down every card in their hand. Then the scoring depends on whose hand empties first and what the other players at the rummy table, whether at a land based venue, or an online virtual rummy table, have left. In Kalooki Rummy the scoring involves using cumulative point values. Players who have accumulated the least value of points during game play are winners in this Jamaican version of the game.

For example, a Joker has a value with a very high point. A full 50 points is the value of a Joker. If you see one in your hand, you need to play it as soon as possible without a lot of discards and draws. You don’t want the Jack remaining in your hand. A joker in Kalooki has the distinction of being able to substitute for cards in your hand to create a meld of three or four cards that you can lay down. So, say for example you wanted to put a run of diamonds and had the two, three and four diamond cards from the suit in your hand. You could use a joker to substitute as a five and complete you lay down.

Black Aces have a value of 15 points, while red aces are only a single point. The face cards of jack, queen or king have a value at a solid 10 points. The rest of the deck has each card with value of its face marking. You can lay down three of a kind, or rank in groups of four to rid your hand of cards when it is your turn playing Kalooki Rummy. Three of a kind is popular plays in this rummy gaming experience because you start with multiples of three in your hand. In Kalooki rummy, each player receives nine cards from the dealer to begin gameplay. Every player begins using draws and discards to continue game play.


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