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Rummy Party – Is It Real Gambling?

Rummy Party is an online venue that takes the stance that “Rummy Is Not Gambling” but a game “built on knowledge, logic, memory and strategy.” Still, this is a place where you can bet on rummy games and win real cash money, which most would consider gambling. Of course, Rummy Party does make it clear that you also need some “intuition and luck” for this diverse game.

The site requires that you register for a free player account so that you can play rummy games for real cash money. The cashier desk menu is where players can view their full account activity and process deposits so that you can begin wagering on the variety of online casino rummy games available through Rummy Party. The virtual gaming community at Rummy Party is very active whether you choose to play the single table games or engage in rummy tournaments on the site. Both items are available under the Real Money tab on the site when you login to your player account.

Players’ new to online rummy will find that Rummy Party has plenty of helpful tools and pages to help the newbie learn how to play online casino rummy games in a virtual environment. Options for learning include Game Types, Game Modes and Game Rules which cover the various aspects of playing rummy games for free or for real cash money online. You may also find the sections of the site dedicated to security and playing responsibly useful as well. The latter sections cover the measures that Rummy Party takes to ensure that your data remains safe, encrypted and secure. The security is in place whether signing up for your free player account, playing a game online, or processing a funding of your player account through the cashier desk.

Rummy Party does use an online interface which requires a Flash player is pre-installed on our device you are using for game access. Flash Player or above is necessary to access the games, but if your device is not running Flash you can download it for free. Another cool thing about this casino is that it is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7 as well as Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7 as well as Linux and OpenSUSE 1.3 or later operating systems. Rummy Party offers flexible banking options as well for users over the age of 18.


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