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Thursday, December 31st, 2009

When it comes to online rummy a lot of people want know what the benefits of playing this game online is.  Most people know rummy as a card game that they play at home or with a group of friends and many of them wonder if playing online will bring the same enjoyment.

The most obvious benefit to playing online rummy has to be the fact that you can play whenever you want and online rummy websites are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There are plenty of other benefits too and I will share them with you in this post.

Another great benefit of playing online rummy is that you don’t have to try and round up some of your friends to play. There are thousands of online rummy players from all over the world just waiting to play against you.  Online rummy websites are always open and there are always games to play.  One of the most popular online rummy website is Rummy Royal and there are always great tournaments and games to be played here.  You can play with your friends or complete strangers and of course you can win cash.

One of the other benefits of playing online rummy is the fact that you can play different variations of the traditional rummy game on these online rummy websites.  You can play for free too on these websites which means that you can choose to play all the variations such as Kalooki and Gin Rummy without having to spend a penny.  Once you discover your preferred game you can make a deposit and start playing for real cash prizes.  Free online rummy games also allow you to build up your skills and strategies and there are even free tournaments that you can take part in.

Whatever way you choose to look at, it is clear that there really are some great benefits to playing online rummy and in addition to winning great cash prizes you can play whenever you want.  Most online rummy websites also offer new player bonuses and Rummy Royal offers a no deposit new players bonus too.  Rummy Royal also has a great tutorial section on their website and if you are looking to try your hand at online rummy games then you should visit this online rummy website and find out more.  Everything is explained on this online rummy website along with a schedule of games and tournament events.

Until next time,

Deal Those Cards,

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Freeroll tournaments are great and they are available on the Rummy Royal website. If you haven’t played in a freeroll before then maybe now is a good time to check them out. A lot of online rummy players skip the freerolls because they don’t think that they can get anything out of them. They are wrong and you really can get a lot out of freeroll tournaments even if you regularly player for cash.

Freerolls are great for beginning online rummy players and they allow them to get their feet wet and learn the skills required before they play in the cash tournaments. You can use freerolls to try out new strategies or to try out a different online rummy variation that you haven’t tried before. Freerolls give all online rummy players the chance to relax and have fun whilst still being in with the chance to win your way into a tournament that offers great cash prizes.

Freeroll tournaments are always very popular especially when there is a big cash tournament coming up. Rummy Royal regularly host freerolls where the winner can win a place in one of the qualifiers for the big cash tournaments. Freerolls are also perfect for anyone who is looking to check out a new online rummy room. With freerolls you don’t have to pay out any money and you get to know the feel of the website that you are playing at.

Freerolls really do have a lot to offer and they are one aspect of an online rummy website that you shouldn’t ignore. If you win in a freeroll tournament you could get a free placement on a really big cash tournament and that you see you winning some really big cash prizes. Rummy Royal have a great freeroll tournament schedule that you can view and if you are a beginner these are perfect for building up your skills and strategies.

As you can see freerolls aren’t just for people looking to play for free they are a way to get a free seat in a high paying tournament and they are perfect for building up your skills too.

Until next time,

Deal Those Cards,

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

Online rummy is an easy game to learn and the rules are easy to follow.  The hardest part of this skills game is of course strategy and this is where the learning curve really comes into play.  You can read as much as you like about online rummy strategies but to really get the hang of it you have to play.

Discards are one thing that many new players get confused about. They assume that discards are all about getting rid of the cards they don’t want and they forget to keep an eye on what cards have made it into the discard pile.  This is a big mistake and the discard pile is something that you should keep a close eye on especially when perfecting your online rummy strategy.

Many new players also assume that high cards are great and whilst they can be there are also time when it really is more important to discard these cards.  You don’t want to risk ending up with a load of deadwood if you lose the hand.

When it comes to the discard pile you need to keep in mind that every card you pick up from this pile will give your opponent an insight into the hand you are holding.  This advantage does of course work both ways.  By paying attention to the discard pile and the cards that your opponent picks up you can build your strategy.

Discards are the same in all online rummy games except for Kalooki 40.  In this game if you take a card from the discard pile you must play it in a meld in the same turn.  This can be quite difficult but it does have the advantage in that you don’t have to memorise what your opponent takes from the discard pile because they won’t be holding onto the card.

Discards really are an important part of the online rummy game and they can really help you with your online rummy strategy.  There are some great tips and advice offered on the Rummy Royal website and if this is your chosen online rummy website then make sure that you check them out.

Until next time,

Deal Those Cards,

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Online rummy is a card based skill game and there are two online rummy games that use jokers.  These two games are Kalooki 40 and Kalooki 51.  Both of these games are available for players on the Rummy Royal website.  These games are played using two decks of cards and two jokers.  These games may have the similar names but there are some exciting differences between the two.

Both of the Kalooki games allow players to use jokers to complete melds or sets and players can also switch out the joker with the card it is being substituted for once it is on the table.  An example of this would be where you opponent laid down two nines and a joker.  If you have two nines you can lay these down and pick up the joker.  You do have to use the joker in the in the same turn that you pick it up so make sure that you have a run or set ready to use before you use this move.

The main thing you need to be aware of when using jokers and playing Kalooki is not to be left holding a joker in your hand when you opponent goes out.  If you are playing Kalooki 40 and you have a joker in your hand it will cost you 15 points.  If you are playing Kalooki 51 and you have a joker it will cost you 25 points.

If you haven’t played Kalooki before and you would like to try it out then you should visit the Rummy Royal website.  They have an excellent tutorial for both of the Kalooki games and you can even use the free play that is available on this online rummy website to practice your skills before playing for real money.

Rummy Royal also hold some great Kalooki tournaments on their website too and the prizes up for grabs in these are over $10,000.  You can check out their promotions page to see their latest tournaments and don’t forget there are usually freerolls and qualifiers for these tournaments on a daily basis on this website too.

Until next time,

Deal Those Cards,

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

One of the most important things when it comes to playing online rummy is choosing the right online rummy room to play in.  There are plenty of rummy rooms that you can choose from on the internet but you need to be aware that not all these rooms are created equally.  You need to make sure that the online rummy room that you choose has a user friendly interface and that it runs smoothly.  Customer support is another area that you need to check out too.

There are some online rummy rooms that offer great deposit bonuses for new players and one of these is Rummy Royal.  When you sign up for this online rummy website you can avail of their $5 no deposit bonus which will allow you to test out their website and their online rummy games.  Once you are satisfied you can then make a deposit and claim their first deposit bonus too.  The first deposit bonus offered by Rummy Royal is 100% and this will double the amount you deposit meaning that you will much more to spend on their online rummy game.

Rummy Royal also have a refer a friend bonus on their online rummy website too and if one of your friends sign up for an account you will receive $50 in free cash and your friend will get a $25 bonus too.  Rummy Royal also have great promotions and they hold some really great events where you can win huge prize amounts.  They also have a very popular loyalty program for their players too and in this program there are some great prizes to be won.

Rummy Royal is one of the most popular online rummy websites and they offer a huge variety of online rummy games for players to choose from.  If you are new to online rummy they have a tutorial section too and the fact that they offer a no deposit bonus is a great reason to try them out.  You have absolutely nothing to lose by joining this online rummy website and you could find that it is the perfect online rummy room for you.

Until next time,

Deal Those Cards,

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Online rummy is a great game and if you look closely you will see that there are similarities between various types of online poker too.  These include Seven Stud, Texas Hold’em and 5 card poker.

There are a number of variations of the standard rummy card game that you can play online too and these include Gin Rummy, Rummy 500, Canasta and Kalooki.  The good thing about online rummy is the fact that is doesn’t depend on luck and that is really is a skill based game.  Luck can come into play sometimes and even the most unskilled player can win a game.  This however doesn’t hold true in a sequence of games such as tournaments.

When comparing online rummy to online poker and online bingo there is one very distinct advantage and that is the fact that online rummy can be introduced into the American market because the American Federal restrictions do not apply to this game.  The same cannot be said for other online gambling games where players from the United States are not allowed to participate.

Online rummy has become extremely popular and players from all over the world are enjoying playing it.  There are plenty of great online rummy tournaments that players can participate in and unlike online bingo website an online rummy website does not need side games to survive or keep their players entertained.

When it comes to winnings the average daily player yield for online poker is $12, online rummy is $10 which is only $2 less and online bingo is just $5 per player in any given day.  All three of these online games were designed to mimic the real life gaming experience and all three have been successful in doing this.

If you want an online game that offers great player tournaments then online rummy and online poker are your choices.  If you want huge jackpot prizes in these tournaments then both online rummy and online poker will again fit the bill.  It seems as though online bingo has really been left out in the cold at this stage.

Online rummy and online poker are both very successful and whether or not one is better than the other really is a matter of personal taste.  Both games involve skill and cards and both offer player tournaments and great payouts.  The question is, which one do you think is better?

Until next time,

Deal Those Cards,

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Vegas 3 Card Rummy is a new game that has been introduced on a number of online casinos and the purpose of this blog post is to provide you with the rules and guidelines if you are interested in playing this skilful game.

The rules for the Vegas 3 Card Rummy game are very simple.  You play against the dealer with a page of 52 cards.  Three cards are dealt face down to the dealer and three cards are dealt face up to you the player.  The aim of the game is for you to get fewer points than the dealer.  In order to qualify the dealer must get 20 points or less and if he exceeds this you win the round.  You also win even money on the ante once you have fewer points than that of the dealer too. If this happens the raised amount is also given back to you.

There is a very interesting part to this game too and that is called The Bonus.  The payout for the bonus bet is decided on the basis of the card value in the dealer’s hand.  Cards from 2 to 10 have their face value whilst the Jack, Queen and King all have 10 points.  The Ace is worth 1 point.  If you have a pair or set of three cards they will give you zero points.  A two card suited run and a three card suited run will also give you zero points.  There is one rule that you really do need to be aware of and that is the fact that Aces and Kings cannot be used in a suited run.

When you have placed your ante wager but are not sure as to whether or not you can win with the cards you are dealt you can choose to fold and get your wager back.  If you are positive that you have a good hand you can raise the stakes with a wager that is equal to the ante bet.  Once you have raised the dealer will then show you his cards.

If you cards give you 12 or less you can get the bonus bet and details of the payouts for this is listed on the online casino website.  A suited run of Ace, Two, Three will give you a bonus of 100:1.

As I mentioned this online rummy game is very easy to play and once you get the hang of it you are sure to be winning some great cash amounts.  One online casino that has this great game is Cool Cat Casino and you can find all the details on their website.

Until next time,

Deal Those Cards,

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

The Gin Rummy Association and Game Colony are inviting all gin rummy players to compete in the 8th Annual Desert Classic Open Tournament.  This rummy tournament is being held in the Agua Caliente Casino and Spa from the 21st to the 23rd of February 2010.

This three day event will be attended by online rummy players from all over the world and they will compete for prizes and ranking.  A 1 day partnership is planned for the Sunday and on the Monday and Tuesday there will be a 2 day singles match.

If this sounds like something that you would like to participate in but you are unable to travel to the event don’t worry as you can still compete with players from all over the world by playing at the Game Colony website.  As a member of this online gambling website you will be able to take part in gin rummy games and tournaments as well as 22 other great skill games include backgammon, cribbage, pool, darts, Solitaire, canasta, chess and much more.  Game Colony has been online since 1999 and they provide great competitive multi player games of skill.  They offer you can play in great tournaments and win some amazing cash prizes too.  If you are more into skill games than game of chance then Games Colony is the online gambling website for you.

Gin rummy is huge online and there are many great tournaments taking place all the time.  One of the most successful online rummy websites is Rummy Royal and this is the main online rummy website.  This online rummy website has a large community and it features all the different variations of the traditional rummy game and this includes Kalooki, Gin Rummy, Oklahoma Rummy and more.

If online rummy and rummy tournaments are something that you are interested in or you would like to take part in the 8th Annual Desert Classic next February then you should visit the Gin Rummy Association websites or the Gin Rummy Tournaments website where you can find details of all the land based tournaments that are being held through the Gin Rummy Association.

Until next time,

Deal Those Cards,

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Gin rummy is one of the most popular of all the online rummy games and more and more players are interested in learning the skills required to compete and win in this skilful card game.  There are a number of websites that offer online rummy and once you register with these websites you will be able to enter their online rummy rooms and take part in the games.  Many websites also offer free gin rummy games too where you can practice you skills and perfect your strategy before moving on to paid games.

The basics of gin rummy is to take your cards and then try to form sets and meld them together.  The person who wins the game is the person who gets rid of all their cards first.  There are some great guides and tutorials available for all skill levels.  There are a number of terms that you will need to become familiar with and these terms include knocking, melds, sets and deadwood.

Gin Rummy also involves scores and a predetermined winning score is usually decided upon before the game begins.  The key to winning in gin rummy is to try to get your cards into melds as fast as possible and then knock as early as you can too.  If you start the game with high cards you should try to either form these into sets or melds as quickly as possible or get rid of them because if you opponent knocks first you could be left with a very high deadwood and this really won’t help you to win the game.

Gin Rummy is a game of skill and in order to be a success you really do need to understand all the rules and the concept of the game.  Strategies are important too and you should listen to any advice you can get.  Gin Rummy tournaments are very popular too and some of these tournaments have huge jackpot prizes for the winner.

If you think that gin rummy is a game that you would enjoy playing then I strongly suggest that you register with a reputable online rummy website such as Rummy Royal and play as many free games as possible to build you skills up before moving onto paid games and prize tournaments.

Until next time,

Deal Those Cards,

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Rummy Royal is the most popular online rummy website around and they also offer the best technology when it comes to online rummy applications too.    Rummy Royal offers all the popular variations of traditional rummy too on their website and the graphics are very realistic.  The biggest advantage to playing on Rummy Royal though has to be the fact that they accept players from all over the world and you can compete against each other and improve your skills at the same time.

Rummy Royal’s rummy software is very easy to use and understand and they also provide players with a great demonstration and some interactive tutorials too.  It only takes a couple of minutes to read through the beginner guides and view the interactive tutorials and once you have completed this you are ready to put your skills to the test.

Rummy Royal has already conquered North American, the Middle East and Western Europe and now they are introducing their software in Eastern Europe too.  This is going to be a huge success and the Rummy Royal software has also been translated into Polish and Russian.  This means that almost all European countries can now enjoy Rummy Royal in their own language and this makes it possible for even more people to enjoy their favourite game and win some great prizes.  The Rummy Royal software is now available in 14 different languages and these include English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Dutch, Hebrew, Romanian, Russian, Japanese, Hungarian and Polish.  It is also anticipated that the Rummy Royal software will be translated into even more languages in the second half of 2010 too.

With Rummy Royal players can compete with some of the best players in the world.  Are you a member of the Rummy Royal website?  Rummy Royal holds some of the best tournaments on the internet and they also hold freerolls and qualifiers to make it possible for all their online rummy players to gain entry in to the big money tournaments.  There are also regular promotions and you can view all the details of these on their website.  The latest promotion running on their website is for the $50,000 Kalooki 41 tournament that will be held in 2010.

Until next time,

Deal Those Cards,

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